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Seasonal Tire Storage

Seasonal tire storage. Experience convenience, care & quality

No-Hassle, Low-Cost Tire Storage Solution

Store your seasonal tires in our secure & insured tire storage warehouse. Each tire is recorded, tagged and shipped to our warehouse facility. Let Jim Pattison Volkswagen Surrey handle your off-season tire storage and enjoy the following benefits:

Various benefits of the tire storage solution

How Seasonal Tire Storage Works

Customers are welcome to store any type of tire (Racing, All Season, Winter, Summer) in any size throughout all seasons. When the time comes that you need to retrieve your tires from storage, simply call Jim Pattison Volkswagen Surrey Service Department at 888-430-5081 and within 2 business days, your tires will be ready for collection or installation from our Service Department.

How Much Does It Cost?

We are pleased to offer this service for $129.95 per season (plus applicable fees and taxes).

Call us or use the form below for more information or to book an appointment.

Seasonal Tire Storage Inquiry

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