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Volkswagen Protection Plus

Volkswagen Protection Plus Products

Volkswagen Protection Plus Products

Volkswagen Protection Plus suite of products sets your worries at ease with coverage to keep your Volkswagen looking and feeling brand new. These products provide coverage during those unexpected moments in life.

Prepaid maintenance

Prepaid Maintenance

The cost of maintaining your new Volkswagen doesn't have to be a surprise. Ensure regular factory scheduled maintenance is taken care of with a Volkswagen Prepaid Maintenance plan.

Download the Prepaid Maintenance Brochure

Appearance protection

Appearance Protection

The Appearance Protection plan take's the worry out of exterior or interior accidents while keeping your vehicle looking and feeling brand new.

Download the Appearance Protection Brochure

Load protection

Loan Protection

When the unexpected happens ensure you have your Volkswagen to help you get to where you need to be. The Loan Protection plan is designed to meet your financial obligations in the event of Critical Illness, Loss of Employment, Life or Disability.

Download the Loan Protection Brochure

Vehicle loss privilege protection

Vehicle Loss Privilege Protection

The Vehicle Loss Privilege Protection plan can assist in replacing your vehicle in the event of a total loss.

Download the Negative Equity Privilege Brochure

Download the Theft Event Privilege Brochure

View the Total Loss Event and Partial Loss Event Privilege Brochure

Mechanical breakdown protection

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

The Mechanical Breakdown Protection protects your Volkswagen against unexpected breakdowns for up to 10 years or 200,000 kilometers. Additional benefits include 24/7 Roadside Assistance, trip interruption and vehicle rental benefits.

Download the Mechanical Breakdown Brochure

Download the Mechanical Protection Lease Plan Brochure

Lease excess wear waiver

Lease Excess Wear Waiver

When returning your lease don't worry about additional costs. With the Lease Excess Wear Waiver get coverage up to $10,000 so you are protected against common lease excess wear and tear costs.

Download the Lease Excess Wear Waiver Brochure

Anti-theft product

Anti-Theft Product

The Volkswagen Protection Plus Anti-Theft is a vehicle theft deterrent system designed to discourage anyone from stealing your Volkswagen.

Download the Anti-Theft Brochure

Limited debt waiver

Limited Debt Waiver

Volkswagen Protection Plus Limited Debt Waiver is an assistance product to protect you from financial obligations if your Volkswagen was in a total loss collision accident.

Download the Limited Debt Waiver Brochure

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